//Leveling Up Your Appeal

Leveling Up Your Appeal


For me, part of becoming a successful hairdresser is looking professional. And to be professional you need to act and look the part. Today I am just going to focus on the look. And when I say “look” I mean, does my stuff around me I am using look clean, tidy, and does it match. Yes I just said match. Ha Ha. Now if anybody knows me I like to color coordinate with my stuff! (I have problems with this in my kitchen too.. I know I know) And the problem I came across a lot was I could not find a hair cape that reflected me as a professional.  A lot of the challenges I had with other capes was the neck was not versatile for large or little necks, the snaps were not great quality, velcro necks collected hair and itched, the capes were too hot and heavy, they melted in the dryer, the colors on the capes were not very flattering on all the clients, the water soaked right through them, and so on…

So I decided to take the plunge and launch my own salon apparel line that owned all the qualities that I have been longing for in a cape! I created 5 striking hair cutting capes and 3 All Purpose Bleach Proof capes that you and your client will LOVE! Clients feel pampered and look glamourous while wrapped in  Cover N Style capes and at the same time it is illuminating you as a professional stylist.

I am excited to share the highlights of Cover N Style capes to you through my “Beauty Confessions” blog! I can’t wait to help you take the next steps to enhancing your career as a cosmetologist! Have a blessed week loves!

Much Love!


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