About Valarie Kennedy

I am Valarie Kennedy, owner of Cover N Style, an exciting adventure that I run out of my home but through which I have reached a customer base that is local, statewide, national, and even international. But let me back up. I was born and raised in small town Nebraska. Here I learned my roots values: hard work, compassion for others, love of God, and commitment to friends and community. My sense of service to others led me to the field of cosmetology. During my past 15 years as a cosmetologist, I have seen how helping others find their style can build self-esteem and empower them to push their limits. While empowering others, I found the courage to undertake my own adventure. The result is Cover N Style.

Cover N Style is a business I started that currently provides beautiful salon apparel, hair extensions, and hair accessories. When I first became a cosmetologist, I was always looking for salon capes that looked professional as well as complimented my clients. As I searched and searched and searched… I never found any… So I took my wants and created salon and barber apparel that is chic and classy. My online store, and other retailers now sell Cover N Styles All Purpose Coloring Capes, Hair Cutting Capes, and 100% Italian remy human hair extensions. I am very excited to share with you through my “Beauty Confessions” blog the high-end styling capes I created as well as other products I love and why!

I enjoy sharing my beauty secrets and obsessions with my friends! I want “Beauty Confessions” to be fun and your “go to” for any beauty questions, as well as be inspirational, enlightening, and encouraging! So please share my beauty blog with your hairdresser, barber, family, and friends and let’s create beautiful hair, skin, bodies, and souls!

Much Love,

Valarie Kennedy

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