//Facials and Summer Skincare Truth

Facials and Summer Skincare Truth

Facials And Summer Skincare Truth

Facials  and skincare are a staple in my beauty routine that I will never take away! Facials are so relaxing and my skin feels incredible after receiving one. My skin always feels so soft, smooth, and firm. They are beneficial in so many ways! However, I know that some of you do not have access to facials in your area and have questions about skincare, so I went straight to an Aesthetician expert, Samantha Bartels. Samantha has been an Aesthetician for 11 years and works at one of my favorite places in Omaha, Bare Body Shop. Her beautiful skin is proof that she is clearly an expert when it comes to skincare and maintenance! I received a relaxing facial from Samantha and had the opportunity to ask her questions about the importance of facials and skincare maintenance.


Bare Body Shop’s Skincare Professional, Samantha Bartels.

Why should facials be an important part of our skincare routine?

Facials are so important for many reasons:

One, it is so important to make “ you time”. We work so hard day-to-day you MUST make time for yourself!

Two, it is also important to care about your skin! Your skin is something you wear everyday. Facials do great for just about ANY skin type. Anywhere from oily, congested, to dry and dehydrated.

In order to maintain radiant and healthy skin, how often should an individual receive facials?

I recommend a facial every 6- 8 weeks.

Which facial do you enjoy doing the most and why?

ALL of them! Not only is it so wonderful for my client to relax for an hour but also it is so relaxing for me to being in such a calm, relaxing environment!

For those who already have fine lines, what skincare products and services do you?


We have such a variety of skin care services and products here at Bare Body Shop. There is something for everyone.

Some of our favorite products are Revox, TNS essential serum. Both are great for fine lines and wrinkles.

As far as services, I LOVE chemical peels and Hydra facials. They are both AMAZING resurfacing treatments with little to no downtime.

A lot of women go through a phase when their skin feels like it cannot breath and the texture feels cakey? Why does this happen and what can we do to avoid this particular skin problem this summer?

When someone’s skin feels this way it is simply because they are not exfoliating all of those dead skin cells off the surface of their skin and therefore their products cannot penetrate and do what they are supposed to be doing because they have too much build-up and dead skin!

What is something lacking in a lot of your clients skincare regiment and what is the end result because of this?

Some clients will come in for services, which are great, but they forget to continue the care at home! At home care is so important!



What advice do you have for those who want to maintain youthful skin this summer?

Sunscreen and hat! Do not forget to re- apply every 2 hours!!!!

What tips can you give to women that do not have access to facials where they live? What are ways they can create healthy glowing skin on their own?

Professional grade skin care products. Use an exfoliator, mask weekly, and use your products daily to maintain that beauty!!!!

What is one thing you learned early on in your career that keeps you focused and eager to keep caring for you skin?

Going to school for esthetics at the age of 18 I learned how important it is to take care of your skin and how important it is to use sunscreen! You wear your skin everyday! TAKE CARE OF IT!

Samantha Bartels has had the opportunity to work with clients with all different skin types. She knows her stuff and can give an incredible facial! I absolutely enjoyed my facial with her and plan on going back to Bare Body Shop! Her outgoing and personable personality will have you booking for more services with her! I walked away feeling so relaxed from her facial and head massage and to top that off my skin looked radiant!

Have a lovely July everybody and do not forget to wear your sunscreen!

Much Love,


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