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The Magical Glam Glow GravityMud Firming Mask

Glam Glow GravityMud Firming Treatment

Glam Glow GravityMud Firming Treatment Mask.

If you have never used Glam Glow GravityMud Firming Treatment facial mask, then you are missing out friends! This mask is fantastic! I stumbled upon it a few months ago while I was watching a YouTube video of makeup artist Jaclyn Hill’s current favorite beauty products.   She is fantastic! (If you have never watched her, you need to!)   She raved about Glam Glow’s GravityMud Firming Treatment Mask and I decided to give a try.

Okay, she was not lying when she said this mask would leave your skin soft, firm and smooth! After using Glam Glow’s GravityMud Firming Mask, my skin feels so good! She recommended using it before you apply your makeup, because your makeup will glide on effortlessly. And as usual, she was spot on! My makeup glides on seamlessly and at the same time looks flawless. It is this mask! Every time I use this mask, someone will comment on how good my skin and makeup look! Now I obviously do not have time to use it everyday, so I use it when it is date night or a special occasion. Glam Glow does recommend using it twice a week, but that is highly unlikely in my life! Ha ha!


glam glow application

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How to Use This Fabulous Mask

Apply a generous, even layer to clean skin with brush, avoiding eyebrows and hairline. I apply mine thicker, so it is easier to peel off.

  • Leave on for 20-30 minutes.
  • Treatment will change color as it dries.
  • Once completely dried, gently peel off from outer thicker edges and roll off any remaining excess.

I like to wipe off the excess with the Honest 3 in 1 facial towelettes. They are my go to for a quick gentle cleanse!

  • Make sure to clean the brush after use with soap & water and air dry.

For best results, avoid using water anytime during process and after so targeted ingredients can remain on the skin.

Enjoy your lifted, soft, and radiant Glam Glow smooth and firm skin!

Have a blessed week loves!


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