//Learn How to Give Yourself A Natural Highlight And Lift

Learn How to Give Yourself A Natural Highlight And Lift

Learn How to Give Your Hair A Natural Highlight And Lift

One of my favorite ways to create brightness and the illusion of a natural lift around my face is by giving myself soft highlights that frame my face.   Watch my video below to see how you or your hairstylist can give yourself a natural beautiful lift!


My Essentials For A Natural Color! Paul Mitchell Sky Light, Coloring Bowl, and Cover N Style All Purpose Cape.

Natural hair highlight lift, isn’t this something we would all love to receive? Well you can! And it is so easy to do! My method is easy and is pretty hard to mess up when it comes to the application. Follow these steps to ensure a smashing result! My hair is very healthy, so everything usually goes as planned when I highlight my own hair. However, if you have very processed and porous hair, please please go to your hairstylist! They are the professionals and will make sure that the integrity of your hair stays healthy!

Product Prep

What you need: Bleach lightener, Developer, comb, foil, cape, and gloves.

Styling Your Hair

I always like to style my hair before I do this highlighting technique. I want to see how my hair is laying and where I want to see some lightness and lift. This ensures that I will get the desired look I am going for.

Identify Where You Want Your Highlights And Backcomb

Next, I locate where I want to see brightness and lift. When I want to maintain my balayage style, I start my highlight a little above my cheekbones. This will give me the illusion of a natural lift to my face.

I backcomb in the desired locations I want to see lightness. Backcombing the spots where I want to see lift ensures me that I will have a soft transition of where my highlight will start. It creates a nice sun kissed natural highlight that does not show a visible line of demarcation when it grows out. It also blends in grey hair beautifully!! I like to make sure the sections I choose to apply lightener are not very big. The smaller the sections, the more natural it will look!


I mix equal parts of the lightener powder and the developer. Next, I put on gloves to keep my skin protected from the lightener. Then I start applying the bleach on the areas I prepped with the backcombing. I make sure I apply the lightener on heavy. This will ensure the hair is saturated enough with the bleach. Note: If you do not have a bleach lightener that hardens, be sure to place foil under the pieces with lightener on them so the lightener does not bleed onto the rest of the hair. Otherwise you will have cheetah spots!


I allow the bleach to process until it reaches the desired level I am seeking for. I am a brunette with previous color in my hair, so my hair usually does not lift past that light yellow color.

Rinse and Tone

When my hair is done processing, I shampoo, condition, and rinse!  Next I towel dry my hair and blow-dry till it is about 80% dry. Again, my highlights usually lift to a light yellow color, which I am not comfortable with, so I always tone! I tend to tone my hair with cream demi-permanent colors with 10-volume developer.   The toners I usually use have blue/violet ash in them. The ash tones cancels out the yellow and creates a nice neutral color, which I love on me!


Matrix Demi Permanent Toner. 6A A Beautiful Natural Neutral Color I love!


I like to apply a cream toner on towel-dried hair. To me it processes correctly and the color will last longer! Remember, toners are not permanent, so they will not last forever.

Let it process 10-15 minutes. Finally, shampoo, condition and rinse!

I truly enjoy this technique! It looks so nice and never shows a strong line of regrowth! It is a bulletproof way to give your hair lift and life!

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Remember, if you do have the funds, have your favorite hairstylist do this to your hair! Or chat with them to see if they are offering any special highlighting deals. You cannot go wrong with this look!

God Bless and have a beautiful day!


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