//Let’s Shop!! Shop! Shop! Athleta, Sanctuary Clothing!

Let’s Shop!! Shop! Shop! Athleta, Sanctuary Clothing!



Hey loves!  If you love to shop, your going to love this blog! I am very excited to introduce to you my designer clothing (Athleta, Sanctuary Clothing) online retail store.  In my first blog I mentioned how I opened up a new Ebay store called StyleNStyleRetail35.  This store retails designer brands at deeply discounted prices.  I am telling you, these are stylish and quality brands you do not want to miss out on.  StyleNStyleRetail35 currently carries Athleta workout apparel and Sanctuary Clothing.  Sanctuary Clothing is retailed at Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales.  We will be adding more quality brands in the next couple weeks you will love!

Athleta carries workout apparel and casual wear.  This line is super comfy and quality!  If you workout or even like to be comfy during the day, you will enjoy this line.

Sanctuary Clothing is a casual and dressy brand!  It is great quality and very stylish!  We carry dress pants, jeans, and jogger pants in different colors.  We have a lot of camo pants that are super comfy!  All very very nice!  The average retail value for Sanctuary pants is $120, our average cost is $35.99!


Athleta, Sanctuary Clothing

Hair stylists, these Athleta, Sanctuary Clothing items would be great for you  because you spend less dollar on incredible high end style.  And we all know how spilling bleach on on a pair of $150 feels like…

Style N Style Retail will try to get fresh inventory up every week.  Next week we plan on getting Sanctuary Clothing sweaters and cardigans up, so stay tuned.  Some of the clothes do have minor imperfections.  We make sure to display images if they do have an imperfection.  Most minor flaws are unnoticeable.  We  make sure to note in the description if there is any flaws to the piece of clothing.  Some of the imperfections we see is dirt brushed on the clothing.  This is called handling markings.  This is something that the wash machine should wash out.  Another flaw I come across is pilling.  This usually occurs on store returned items.  The cotton or thread on the fabric balls up a little.  We make sure to mark down the items that have slight flaws.  But honestly, the flaw is usually so tiny, it is not noticeable and it does not interfere with the way it wears or looks.

This week we are currently having 15% off select designer pants.  If you love finding a great deal on designer clothing make sure to follow StylenStyleRetail35 on Ebay!  That way you will be notified for latest inventory and sales!   So have fun shopping our Athleta, Sanctuary Clothing  and remember, you can shop with confidence at our store!

Here is our Ebay Store Link:  http://stores.ebay.com/Style-N-Style-Retail-35 and our link is always available to you on the right hand side of our blog.  Have a great week!


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