//Matrix Oil Wonders – Add Volume to Fine Hair

Matrix Oil Wonders – Add Volume to Fine Hair

Are you one of those people who has fine hair and who has struggles with fine hair falling out? If so, you are not the only one.  It is a struggle for me and for my family.  I say my family because they are the ones practically wearing the fallen ones…  Ha! ha!  Another frustration I have is when I a style my hair and I constantly have short hairs standing straight up!  I feel like no matter what I put on my “fly away’s” they still stand up.  Since my hair is so fine, these short hairs keep popping up and they break very easily.  Therefore, I am excited to say that I have discovered  a product, Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Set, which is greatly helping with my frustrations.

Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Set

Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Set

While just recently at a Salon Centric hair show in Omaha Nebraska, I discovered this product and I have been very pleased with the purchase.  I was initially concerned about the “oil” word because I do not want my hair to look oily or to be weighed down.  But it is not like that at all,  it is just the right combination.  It moisturizes my hair, makes it feel strong, and gives it volume!  I have been using it for 2 weeks and so far I love it!


There are three steps to this line.  I highly recommend you use all of them for optimized results! They are as follows:

  1.  Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Pre-Shampoo Treatment:  Get the hair wet and apply this treatment to the scalp.  I concentrate this product where I have the most weakened hair, which is my part, hair-line, and nape area.  What this step does is gently eliminates dirt impurities from the fine hair and softens the hair.  Leave this treatment on for 3 minutes.
  2. Matrix Oil Volume Rose Shampoo:  After applying Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Pre-Shampoo Treatment and NOT rinsing it out, apply the Volume Rose Shampoo and rinse.  This shampoo is fabulous! It smells incredible and also removes build up in the hair.
  3. Matrix Oil Volume Rose Conditioner:  Apply Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Conditioner.  This conditioner penetrates 2X deeper for soft nourishment.  Massage into hair and rinse.  I always rinse with cooler water.  As a result, this helps seal in the moisture into the hair.

I really like this line!  Customers can find the Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Set at many convenient store locations and online.  In conclusion, if you have fine hair and looking for a product that will benefit your “fly away’s” and fine hair, definitely try this product.

Enjoy this week and blessings to you all!

Much love,



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