//Our Valentine’s Day Family Traditions

Our Valentine’s Day Family Traditions

Valentine’s Day Is A Day I create Memorable Family Time My Kids Adore

Valentine’s Day – Traditions The Kids Will Love

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and I want to let you in on our Valentine’s Day Family Traditions! It is a holiday that my kids adore and always look forward too.  When I first became a mother it was my dream to start our very own family traditions.  Traditions that my children would walk away from full of laughter, smiles, and happy bellies!  I feel like I pretty much nailed this for my family when it comes to Valentines Day!   I have created a day that my children look forward every year!

A Romantic Candle Light Valentine’s Day Tradition

The last 7 years we have celebrated our Valentine’s Day Tradition by having a candlelight pizza dinner.  The children love it!    The candles, table setting, and the music really set the mood.  Of course, my husband and I insert Bruce Hornsby and Chicago ballets in there.  I mean how can one not!  While Lady In Red is serenading us we play easy fun games with the children around the table.  So much joy is beaming from my kiddos faces.  Priceless!

How To Create A Valentine’s Day Tradition

Surprisingly, my kids look forward to my homemade pizza.  Every year I try to make something different.  This year I am attempting to make Bianca pizza!  It is our favorite, so fingers crossed I can pull it off.


Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

As for desserts, I mix it up every year.  This year we will be treated by some homemade cupcakes, cookies, and my famous red velvet brownies. My red velvet cheesecake brownies are absolutely delicious!  Want the recipe, select this link to receive this yummy recipe! https://mailchi.mp/113401ae2cd0/valentines-day-red-velvet-brownies-dessert

Of course we wrap up our evenings with personal Valentines from mommy and daddy.  It is such a special moment to watch our kids receive their Valentines and read how much mommy and daddy love them.  The way their faces light up when they hear how much we adore them are moments I will cherish forever!  My heart could just burst!

I love our Valentine’s Day Family Traditions!  It is a special and fun time that my children look forward too every year.  A tradition I hope one day they will want to carry on as they grow older. 

As a family, what traditions do you have?  I would love to hear.  I am always on the hunt for new ideas!

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