//Silky Smooth Cape to the Rescue!

Silky Smooth Cape to the Rescue!

“ Love this cape it is so soft, light, and silky smooth!”


Cover N Style Salon Apparel

Cover N Style Passionate Periwinkle Cape


I love reading this review!  My clients are amazing!  They are recognizing and loving the exact qualities I want in my salon apparel cape line.  They are enjoying how the fabric is lightweight, soft to touch, and 100% water resistant.

In the beginning of creating my capes,  I specifically requested that the fabric have these exact qualities.  One of the reasons is because of two words, hot flashes!  Before Cover N Style capes existed, some of my lady clients would have a surprise hot flash here and there.  Consequently, they would almost always request to get the nylon salon cape off them because they were about to melt.  Therefore, as I designed my capes this was an area of concern I wanted to resolve. I was determined to have my clients be comfortable and dry while receiving their salon service.

Create A Comfortable Experience With A Cover N Style Cape

I was delighted when I found the perfect polyester fabric that not only is lightweight and silky soft, but also repels water!   It keeps my clients completely dry and at the same time doesn’t make them want to go dive in an ice-cold pool during a hot flash!

In 2014, I was at a show in Chicago and the stylists were constantly in awwww of the capes. They loved how they felt. A few stylists did question if they really did repel water, because of how light the fabric was.   I assured them that they repelled water. One hair stylist asked if she could pour bottled water on one. I said absolutely.  As I stood back and watched, she directly poured the water onto the cape. The water completely beaded off! And to this day, I now feel that much more confident to pour bottled water onto my capes to show that the silky smooth fabric actually repels water!

In conclusion, there are so many favorite features of Cover N Style’s capes I cannot wait to highlight for you! The lightweight and silky soft fabric is definitely a favorite.  I encourage you to use a Cover N Style Cape. Your clients that experience hot flashes will forever be grateful!

Have a wonderful week!  Please comment below if you have any questions stylists!  I would love to answer them.

Much Love,


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