//Tricks To Pluck The Perfect Eyebrows

Tricks To Pluck The Perfect Eyebrows

“Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins..”

I heard this quote a few weeks ago and could not stop laughing.  I could not stop.  And as I was thinking about it, I know that there are a lot of individuals that have NEVER been taught the correct way to tweeze thier brows. I often see eyebrows grown together or over tweezed. We end up tweezing ourselves or wait for the next hair appointment to get them waxed.   In this blog I am going to teach you the basic maintence knowledge of tweezing your eyebrows properly. Shaping your eyebrows correctly can give you a young and fresh appeal.  Here are the basic steps to  achieving a proper brow shape!


Tweezing Diagram

Step One: Tweezing Between Eyebrows

Locate the outer part of your nostril and imagine an imaginary line going strait up above your brow.  This is where the brow should begin.  It usually should start outside your tear duck.  Establish these lines and tweeze in between the brows.

Step Two: Establishing the Arch

First locate where the highest point of your arch will be.  The above diagram gives a great visual for locating the arch.  Locate the outside edge of your iris.  Draw a line straight up or locate the outside of your nostril and draw an imaginary line up towards the iris.   Lightly tweeze your arch.  I say lightly, cause you do not want to over due it.  I prefer my arch a little further out from the iris mark.  It is personal preference.  Below is a nice diagram I found on Pinterest for the most common arched brow shapes.


Step Three:  Locating the tail of your brow

Draw an imaginary line from your outer corner of your nostril passed the outer side of your eye.  This will show where the tail should end.   Some extend theirs out a little more from the imaginary mark,  that is fine. I would not recommend making it shorter though.

Step Four:  Balancing the Shape

This step should usually be combined with step 3.  It helps to establish where the tail of the brow should end. View the above tweezing diagram for reference.  The imaginary line should appear horizontal from the beginning of the brow to the tail.    This will establish a balance brow.

After tweezing, brush out your brows in an upward motion.  Trim the strands that are noticeably longer than others.  Lastly, brush the hairs down and trim again.

Again, this is the basic knowledge of tweezing.    Many cosmetologists and aestheticians use these guidelines as well! So just know, armed with these tips, you can achieve beautiful shapely brows!

Some of you may not have much hair growth to establish these tweezing guidelines. That is okay, I plan on blogging about properly filling in eyebrows with the markets most popular eyebrow products!  So follow my blog, so you do not miss out!

Happy tweezing!


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